You are the princessI am the servantDestiny dividedPitiful twinsTo protect youFor thatI shall even become an evil-----------------“Who’s that?” Yoh asked, pointing to a boy in magnificent robes that looked almost exactly like him with long, chocolate brown hair and a serious look in his face. The boy looked at Yoh, noticing his second half staring at him, and smiled gently. Yoh looked away in shock, surprised that the other boy had seen him.“That’s Hao-sama,” Keiko answered, bowing towards the young man. “He’s your older brother, and the prince. You must serve him when you are older. Do you understand, Yoh?”“Yes ma’am.” Yoh, his hand gripped in his mother’s, was led out into the garden. Keiko kissed his forehead lovingly.-----------------We were born in expectationThe church bell blessed usFor selfish adults’ reasonsOur future was ripped in two-----------------“You stay here and play and I’ll see you later, alright?” Keiko ruffled the young boy’s hair and stood up, receding into the palace. Yoh turned and started running around the garden, sitting down in a special patch of flowers that he always played in, and lied down, and closed his eyes. The wind blew across his face and a leaf was placed between his eyes. When he opened them, his heart almost stopped. A pair of ebony eyes was staring down at him. Yoh shot up, barely missing head butting the young man.“H-Hao-sama…!” he gasped. Hao smiled at him.“So, you’re my twin,” he said in a cool voice. Yoh had no idea what to say. He was magnificent. He had the same eyes Yoh did, but were almost colder and darker. His hair was a light chocolate brown and spread out over his lap, and his skin was an olive-tone and the mahogany robes billowed out around his arms. A playful smile touched his lips and made him seem almost devious.“Y-Yes, I am. I’m Yoh Asakura,” Yoh introduced, bowing. Hao chuckled and picked Yoh’s torso up.“There’s no need to bow to me,” Hao said with a smile. “You and I are one and the same.”“W-we are?” Yoh cocked his head. Hao plucked a bouquet of flowers and began to weave them together smoothly, as if he had done it a million times.“Yes. We’re twins, Yoh. We’re almost like two halves.” Hao pulled one of the stems tightly and placed it on Yoh’s head. “There, you have a crown now.” The two boys began giggling like schoolgirls when a harsh hand suddenly reached out and yanked a surprised Hao to his feet. Yoh flinched away from the adult, the crown of flowers falling from his head.“Hao-sama, what have I told you about leaving the castle!?” an old maid scolded, picking Hao up and throwing the young boy over her shoulder. “You will not leave this castle until you learn to do as you’re told!”Hao struggled to be released, but to no avail. Yoh stood, gripping the crown of flowers in his hands, and reached for his twin, but the other half was already gone.-----------------Even if everything in the worldBecomes your enemyI will protect you, soYou just stay there laughing and smiling-----------------Years later, Yoh is finally 16 and serving his brother, who treats him as an equal. Hao, thanks to years of abuse and philosophies shoved down his throat, treats his people harshly. The only person whom he treats kindly is Yoh, who was his first and only friend.“Ah, it’s time for a snack,” Hao said, glancing up at the clock, which read three in the afternoon. Yoh smiled kindly at his older brother.“What would you like, Nii-sama?” he asked, the smile never fading.“Whatever is good. I trust your instincts, brother.” Hao twirled a lock of his hair in between his fingers. Yoh smiled as Hao laughed and grinned at something he apparently thought of as funny, which might have been the persecution of one of the citizens who tried their hand at assassinating the prince. Yoh glanced out the window as he was bringing his brother cake, seeing the persecutor held in the stockade. As he turned his head away from the window, he could hear the blade come down on the assassin’s neck, and the crowd dispersed.“Here you are, Nii-sama,” he said, placing the plate in front of him. As Yoh turned to leave, his brother said:“Won’t you join me, Yoh?” Hao held up a fork, offering to share his snack with his brother. Yoh smiled at his brother, taking a chair, and laughing with him.-----------------You are the princessI am the servantDestiny dividedPitiful twinsTo protect youFor thatI shall become an evil-----------------Hao ran his fingers through his hair as Yoh cleaned the dishes up. He reached out and clasped his brother’s wrist. Yoh jumped at the immediate action, but looked up, concern written across his face. Hao’s eyes were glazed over, almost as if he was thinking in another world.“Are you…are you afraid of me?” he asked, worry iced over his shaky voice. Yoh stared at his brother in shock at first, then smiled softly, placing a hand on his brother’s cheek.“Not at all, Nii-sama,” he answered in a comforting voice. “Not at all.”-----------------When I visited a neighboring countryThe girl of green in town I happened to seeBy the voice and smiling face that seemed kindI fell in love at first sight-----------------Yoh awaited his brother’s return from a meeting, standing tall and proud in front of the city hall. He could hear men talking and arguing amongst themselves, and turned, eyes stopping on what he saw. A lovely lady with golden hair, cold eyes, and green dress that billowed out from her frame was standing near the crowd of men. She noticed Yoh was looking at her, and surprised him by smiling kindly. Yoh’s face colored as she snaked through the ignorant men’s group and sauntered over to him.“What’re you staring at?” she asked in a cool voice. Yoh’s body immediately heated up.“N-Nothing,” Yoh answered, turning away. The girl curtseyed, catching his attention again.“I am Anna. Anna Kyoyama.” She looked up. “What is your name?”“Y-Yoh Asakura.” Yoh bowed for her. He took her hand and placed a light kiss onto the back of it. “It is a pleasure to meet you,” he added.“The pleasure is all mine, Asakura-san,” she corrected as he straightened up. Her eyes traveled behind him and Yoh whipped around. Hao had approached, placing his cold gaze on Anna.“Yoh, we have to leave now,” he said in a tight voice, as if he was straining not to kill someone. “I need to get back before three.”“Ah, right!” Yoh said. He bowed towards Anna. “I hope to see you again, Miss Anna.”“As do I you, Yoh,” she said, curtseying again and turning to leave. Yoh turned back to Hao, whose mood had been soured.“Who was that?” Hao asked.“Just someone I met, Hao.” Yoh beamed at his brother. “Don’t worry, there’s nothing that could ever take me from my brother.”Hao looked at Anna as she played with a lock of her hair and conversed with another man. He then smiled at Yoh and pretended as if nothing was wrong.-----------------But if the princess wishes that girlTo be removedI will answer that-----------------“Nii-sama, you wanted to see me?” Yoh asked, appearing before his brother. Hao, his back turned to his brother, held out a beautiful green rose that matched the color of Anna’s dress. Yoh felt something churn in the pit of his stomach.“Yes, I did,” he replied, his eyes staring at the hand lying limp in his lap. “I need you to do something for me.” One of the leaves of the rose fell off.“Wh-what is it, Nii-sama?” Yoh was afraid of what would come. He stared hard at the rose.“I need you to rid of that wretched woman you were talking to.” Hao dropped the rose to the ground, pulling his fist onto his lap and clenched it hard enough for it to shake violently. Jealous tears spilled over the older Asakura’s dark eyes.“A-Anna?” Yoh asked.“Anna,” he assured. Yoh shifted uncomfortably, but his answer was not hesitated.“I will.”“Good.” Hao’s tears didn’t flow as quickly as they did when he was worried about his brother leaving him. Yoh held back a protest.“I’ll be leaving now. I should be back sometime later tonight, or tomorrow.” Yoh turned, not waiting for his brother to say he could leave, and left through the door, making his way over to the other town. Hao was just hoping his brother would return, not caring about whatever happened to the wicked woman Anna.-----------------Why? My tears won’t stop-----------------Yoh took Anna’s hand in his, regretting his actions soon to come as Anna laughed and spun around on the small hill he had brought her to. Yoh shook his arm, loosening the knife from his sleeve, and clutching it tightly in his hand. Anna looked at him and smiled.“So, why did you bring me here?” she asked as Yoh solemnly walked up to her. She felt the air around him and became worried and cautious. “I-Is something wrong, Asakura-san?”“No, nothing’s wrong,” Yoh answered, his grip on the knife’s handle making his knuckles turn white and his hand shook slightly. “Nothing’s wrong.”“Then why do you seem upset?” Anna walked up to him. She stopped as soon as something penetrated the fabric of her dress. She looked down with wide eyes at the blade stuck in her middle, the red stain growing with every passing second. The movement was so quick, she didn’t even feel it until she was staring at the knife with her own eyes. The pain hit her hard, and she doubled-over.“A-Asakura-san?” she asked as Yoh leaned over, wrapping his arm around her.“P-Please, say my name,” Yoh begged, his tears flowing out and falling onto the top of her head. “Don’t call me Asakura-san…” His words formed sobs, and his body shook. His legs gave way, causing them both to hit the ground. Anna looked up at Yoh, tears of being betrayed fell over the bridge of her nose as she reached up and stroked his cheek.“Yoh,” she whispered sadly, her voice nearly gone from pain and slipping away. Yoh clenched his eyes tightly, letting his head rest on her chest. Anna placed an arm around his head, the life from her eyes going out in a blink. When she stopped moving, Yoh pulled himself away from her, his face and hair tainted and his clothes matted with blood. He didn’t bother to wipe it off as he circled around the town, avoiding being seen by the townsmen going out to find their fair maiden.As Yoh returned to his brother’s abode, he didn’t cease his crying. Hao greeted his blood-covered brother with a warm smile and open arms.-----------------You are the princessI am the servantDestiny dividedMadly driven twins“Today’s snack is brioche”You laughLaugh innocently-----------------Yoh forced a smile as he brought his brother the day’s usual snack, announcing it. Hao brought his hand up to his lips in a chuckle, in which Yoh answered with a small laugh. He loved the sound of his brother’s chuckling because it told him he was happy, and Yoh never wanted his brother to be upset over anything. The incident with Anna forgotten, Yoh sat down to enjoy the snack with his brother.-----------------Soon this country will probably endBy the hand of angry citizens-----------------Ren looked at Horokeu as the man in blue stared hard. The Tao cocked a brow.“So, this Hao Asakura,” he started, looking at the picture of the evil man. “He’s the one who killed your fiancée?”“Yes,” Horokeu answered, nodding sharply. “Can you help me? I heard you’ve been called the ‘Red Knight.’ ” Ren smirked, leaning his cheek against his closed fist.“Normally, I charge a high fee for my services.” His golden eyes penetrated the young man’s courage easily. “But this man also took something from me, and this is personal. I’ll help you.” Horokeu’s spirits lifted as the Red Knight stood, his blade in hand, ready for battle.“But,” Ren said sharply, causing Horokeu to jump, “this will not be an easy task. You will have to hire more men to help us with this. Otherwise, we will not be able to succeed. That man has three armies’ worth of men behind him.”“Don’t worry,” Horokeu said with a confident grin on his face. “The citizens of the Ainu and the Itako will surely come together to fight.”“Wonderful.” Ren eyed his clean, sharpened blade. “I haven’t been able to coat this with blood in a long time.”-----------------If this is what we deserveI shall tempt this fate-----------------Hao looked out his window as his men were being killed left, right, and center. Yoh burst into the room, panting, and took his brother’s hand. Hao was surprisingly calm.“Nii-sama, we have to get out of here!” he said in a worried voice. Hao chuckled to himself, but it wasn’t out of joy, it was out of nervousness. “Nii-sama?”“Heheheh, my kingdom is falling apart,” he said. “If only there was something I could do. They’ll surely kill me.” He stood, wrapping his arms around the younger Asakura.Yoh was frozen. He had no idea what to do. His brain ran off different ideas, but all led to dead ends. He could feel his brother’s body trembling.“I’m scared,” his brother admitted into his ear. “I’m actually scared. I’m going to die.”Yoh felt horrible for his brother. Without warning, he yanked away from his brother, grabbed a sword, and took his hair in his hands. Hao flinched as Yoh brought the blade down, his eyes clenched tightly. He was afraid his brother had betrayed him.“There,” Yoh said, making Hao’s eyes snap open. He saw his hair gripped in his brother’s hand, and reached for his head. He shot over to a mirror and stared at himself as Yoh appeared by him. They looked exactly alike down to the bone now.“M-My hair,” Hao said, still unable to believe what had happened to him. “Why did you…?”Yoh simply smiled at his brother.-----------------“Here, I will lend you my clothes.Wear this and escape immediately.It’ll be alright, we’re twins.Certainly, no one will notice.”-----------------Yoh placed Hao’s hair beside his chair and cut his own unevenly to make sure it looked like he had done it. He then pulled out one of Hao’s robes, stripped, and then pulled the robes on himself. His brother watched him, a confused expression on his face. When he was finished, Yoh handed him his clothes.“Put these on and leave at once,” he ordered. “I will stay here in your place.” Hao was confused as his brother walked over and sat in his chair, but took off his robes, hiding them underneath his bed, and pulled on his brother’s clothes.“Yoh…” Hao placed a hand on his brother’s shoulder, concern on his face. Before he could say anything, the clock rang and Yoh looked over.“About now, if this hadn’t happened, I’d be bringing you your snack.” He smiled away from his brother. “Leave now. Make sure no one sees you, Nii-sama.”Hao was lost for words, so he bent down and kissed his brother’s cheek. He grabbed a cloak, placed it about his shoulders and pulled the hood over his face, leaving quickly. Yoh gripped the katana in his hands, tears flowing down his cheeks.“I love you, Hao,” he whispered in a shaky voice. “Though you were cruel, you were the only brother I ever had…” Yoh sobbed happily as the door to his brother’s room was kicked in, and a man grabbed him up harshly, making the chair fall.“Was it you that killed Anna!?” the man in blue demanded as Ren inspected the hair on the floor. “Was it!?” Horokeu shook Yoh violently.“Yes,” Yoh said truthfully. “I killed her.”“Horokeu, stop shaking the man.” Ren approached. “Well, isn’t this interesting? A man of power taken down, and he cuts his hair off in shame? Funny.” Ren chuckled to himself.“What do we do now?” Horokeu asked as his men invaded into the room.“Tie him up,” Ren ordered. “He’ll be killed at 3P.M. tomorrow.” Horokeu’s men cheered as one passed a rope to his commander.-----------------I am the princessYou are the fugitiveDestiny dividedSad twinsIf you are an evilThen I, tooHave the same blood running through-----------------Yoh was led out of the castle harshly, his hands tied behind his back. The men of the two towns were yelling profanities and verbally abusing the younger of the Asakura twins. But, as Yoh was thinking about his older brother and all of the things he was forced to do and was put through, he began to wonder.Am I like my brother? he thought as he scanned the crowd of men with swords, threatening him and spitting on him. I’m saving my brother, the only important person to me, and what happens to me? Persecution. I guess that this might not have been a good idea. But if I’m denying these people the persecution of the real traitor, am I as evil? I guess I’ll never really know…-----------------A long, long time ago in some place wasThe kingdom if treacherous inhumanityAnd there reigning in apex wasMy very lovely sibling-----------------Hao escaped to the garden, falling to his knees, panting hard as dark, gray clouds rolled in. He sat up lightly, his chest heaving, when something caught his eye. It was brown, and decaying. He walked over and picked the item up, hot tears forming quickly and rolling down his cheeks.It was the flower crown he had made for his brother when they first met. He picked it up, staring at it unbelievingly, and hugged it to his chest. With no voice to speak with, he just used it to sob. They were painful, hurting sobs, as he remembered all the lessons he was taught as a child and the wonderful way his brother treated him.-----------------Even if everything in the world(Finally the time has come)Becomes your enemy(The bell that announces the end rings)I will be the one to protect you, so(Giving no attention to the populace)-----------------Yoh kept a somber façade as he was forced to a stage in the middle of Itako’s city square. The citizens had gathered around, ready to see the end of the treacherous Hao. Unfortunately, unknown to them, they’d just have to suffice with his baby brother.Even as they spat cruel words to him and cursed him, he did not look to them. He simply placed his hands and neck into the holes of the stockade. His robes were pulled back as the top of the stockade was put around him.A cloaked figure moved through the crowd like a dancer, coming up near the front. Hao made sure his hood was secured as he stared up at his brother. Yoh didn’t spare anyone of them a glance. As the Prosecutor prepared and sharpened his blade, with two minutes left, Hao listened to the profanity being thrown at “him.” Men screeched insults about how low he had gone to kill a beautiful woman. Women screamed about how big of a bully he was. Children yelled whatever they heard from the adults and some threw pebbles and stones. One threw an actual rock and squared the younger Asakura on his left temple. But Yoh showed no sign of being hurt or phased. He held the same posture as when he entered.As soon as the prosecutor had finished, the town’s bell tower chimed three times. Hao’s eyes widened and built up with tears as Yoh smiled.-----------------You just be somewhere smiling and laughing(You speak my line)-----------------“Ah, it’s time for a snack,” he said.The blade was brought down, and a thunk was heard around the quiet crowd. Hao’s tears escaped in a rush.-----------------You are the princessI am the servantDestiny dividedPitiful twinsTo protect youFor thatI shall even become an evil-----------------Hao’s breathing trembled as he stared at what his brother had done for him, holding the crown in his hands. He couldn’t move, even as the crowd was leaving. Ren and Horokeu spotted the body, but simply shrugged it off and left as well.When Hao finally found his feet, he turned and left, sitting down in the valley Yoh had murdered Anna in and started crying. He heard shuffling and jerked his head up.-----------------If I could be born againI hope you’d play with me then-----------------“S-Sorry, sir!” a little brown-haired girl stuttered. She sniffled, and wiped her eyes. “I didn’t mean to disturb you.”“No, there’s nothing wrong,” Hao said, wiping at his own eyes. He patted the spot beside him. “Why don’t you sit beside me?”“Okay.” The girl made her way over to him and sat beside Hao, leaning her head against his side. “I’m Opacho.”“Nice to meet you, Opacho.” Hao smiled and scruffed her hair. “I’m H—Yoh Asakura.”“Asakura? Were you related to Hao?” The girl looked up with innocent eyes.“Closer than you can imagine.” Hao gripped the crown in his hand. “He made me do things I regretted, but I did them anyways. He was cruel, but I was still by his side, the only one to smile at him when things got rough,” he said, his eyes tearing and he wiped at them, sobbing. Opacho looked up and wrapped her arms around Hao’s neck.“Then why did you stay with him, Yoh?” she asked. Hao looked up at the girl, his eyes glazed over with guilt and regret.“I don’t know. Maybe I just loved him.” Hao buried his face into his robes, his tears coming out worse than ever, and his body racked with the loud, depressed sobs he was releasing. Opacho didn’t move, comforting the upset man in front of her.Możecie mi to przetłumaczyć na polski proszę!!!!!

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