tekst zadania ze strony 34 i 35 new password potrzebuje zadanie 4 i 5 A / Windsor Castle is the oldest and the largest occupied castle in the world. It was built by William the Conqueror in the 11th century in the form of a simple wooden fortification. William built many such castles to create a protective ring around London. With time, more and more buildings were constructed with stone, and Windsor became the huge royal residence it is today. In 1992 a terrible fire that lasted 15 hours destroyed 20% of the castle, but it has been rebuilt. In Windsor Castle's Gallery, there are a lot of fascinating things to admire, for example, the diaries and correspondence of past kings and queens. B-4 Queen Elisabeth Il's favourite holiday home, Balmoral Castle, has belonged to the royal family for over 150 years and is often called the Scottish holiday home to the Royal Family. In 1848 Queen Victoria fell in love with the place. She adored the beautiful Scottish landscape. The original Balmoral Castle was from the 15th century, but Victoria thought it was too small for her family. So, after she and her husband bought it, they constructed a completely new castle for themselves and demolished the old one. The new castle has 3 floors and over 70 rooms. More than 50 people live there all year round to maintain it for the royal family. c-2 Edinburgh Castle stands on a huge hill called Castle Rock. Archeologists found structures much older than the castle, which show that first people made their home here almost 3000 years ago. Historic documents such as chronicles suggest that in the middle ages a castle was already in place. However, it is unclear when the castle was built in place of the old settlement. For sure, St. Margaret's Chapel, which still stands, was built between 1130 and 1140. The castle was the official residence of manya Scottish kings and queens, but no king or queen has lived or slept Where since 1633. Since then it has been used mostly for military functions but its also a UNESCO world heritage site and is one of scotlands greatest tourist attractions

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