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Tolong ya bhs inggris

1. A: Can I speak to Dr Ben ?
B: He is out for a moment? what can i do for you?
B: ok. you may come to 8 tomorrow.
2. A: I want to go to your place for weekend
B: Don't come to seven. ... (I/go) to the cinema.
3. I ... (collect) articles when my friend, doni, ...(arrive ) at my house.
4. The first step of giving CPR is ...
5. Don't put too ... sugar in it. (much/many)
6. I need some ... (paper/papers)
7. I'm just going to ... post office. I won't be long. (a/an/the)
8. Excuse me, where is ... bus station? (a/an/the)
9. my sister has just got ... job in .... bank in Manchester. (a/an/the)
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