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[Quiz LIburan] Read the story about Susan’s birthday party and mention all the pronouns that you can find in it.

Today is Susan’s Birthday. She is 6 years old. Susan is very happy. She knows everyone will give her gifts. “Happy Birthday Susan,” say Mother and Father. They give her a lovely doll and a red bicycle. “Thank you very much. I’m so happy,” says Susan. She plays with her doll and rides the new bicycle. “Happy Birthday Susan,” says her brother Andi. “Here’s your gift.” He gives her a book to read. “Thank you Andi,” says Susan. She reads the book. “Happy Birthday Susan,” says Grandma. She hugs her and gives her a kiss. She also gives her a beautiful dress. Susan is overjoyed. She wears the dress. She turns round and round and looks at herself in the mirror. The dress is pink in colour with lovely flowers on it. “I will wear it in the evening for the party,” says Susan. In the evening her friends come home for the party. They give her lots and lots of presents. Mother bakes a cake and father blows the balloons. Andi plays the music and Grandma serves the snacks. Susan enjoys her party. When her friends leave she goes to bed. She dreams of all the lovely things she got on her birthday.
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