June 2023 1 22 Report
Communicating Complete the following text with appropriate answer in the box! My Football Experience I really (1)... football when I was in junior high school in the first grade. Every Saturday afternoon I (2)... in school field with my team and my coach. They were strong and smart players. My coach, Mr. Sentana was a (3) person. But, while he was coaching us, he was very discipline. He would (4).. anyone who came late and not obeyed the team's rules. With Mr. Sentana, our team (5) .... many tournament in many big cities. Our team (6)... after our school, 67 Team (from SMP 67) and we had many (7)... too, you know. Oh that was so cool. Now, I still love (8) and have a team too. But, my parents (9) just for (10)... me to pay attention more to my study, football a. b. UT d. fans warn loved kind won f. g. hobby h. practised i. grounded J. named football​

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