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B. there are several mistakes(grammatical as well asin the format of the letter) in the letter given below. highlight the mistakes and then rewrite the letter properly in the space in the SPACE provided.
jl cinang raya 31 March

my dearest lana,
hey sweetie
i hope all is well with you. it's been a while since you moved to the new city for colleg. it is so sad you are not few houses away anymore. i hpe your new life is going well. it must be exciting living on your own in the hostel college. everything is fine. you know nothing mich happens here.
have you already settled in? when is your college stating? do you like the place you are living in? how is the neighborhood? i can't believe you live on boarding. i will be starting college soon as well but my parents insisted that i live at home.
anyway, a bunch of us were talking about a reunion in summer holidays. so you better keep your calendar free. nothing has been decide so suggestins are welcome!!!
that reminds me if you need anything me know. i will gladly help. have fun and don't atay out late. we miss you so much!!!
p.s. i saw your mother the other day she misses you a lot and wishes that you called more often.
take care and stay safe. write a soon as you can.
love always

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