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Answer the following questions correctly! The following text is for number 1 to 5.The Legend of Rawa PeningOnce upon a time, there was a little poor boy who came into a little village. He was starving and weak. He knocked at every door and asked for some food, but nobody cared about him. Nobody wanted to help the little boy.Finally, a generous woman helped him. She gave him shelter and a meal. When the boy wanted to leave, this old woman gave him a "lesung a big wooden mortar for pounding rice She reminded him, "Please remember, if there is a flood you must save yourself. Use this "lesung as a boat The "lesung" was happy and thanked the old woman. The little boy continued his journey. While he was passing through the village, he saw many people gathering on the field The boy came closer and saw a stick stuck on the ground. People challenged each other to pull out that stick. Everybody tried, but nobody succeeded "Can I try?" asked the little boy. The crowd laughed mockingly. The boy wanted to try his luck, so he stepped forward and pulled out the stick. He could do it easily. Everybody was dumbfoundedSuddenly, from the hole left by the stick, water spouted out. It did not stop until it flooded the village. In addition, no one was saved from the water except the little boy and the generous old woman who gave him shelter and a meal. As she told him, he used the "lesung" as a boat and picked up the old woman. The whole village became a huge lake. It is now known as Rawa Pening Lake in Salatiga, Central Java, Indonesia.Questions:1. Who were involved in the story?2. When did the story happen?3. Where did the story take place?4. What problem arose in the story?5. How did the characters solve the complication?​

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