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Sejarah kelahiran,tujuan,bentuk
dalam organisasi:jong java,tri koro dharmo,jong islaminten bond,pkk,muhammadiyah,nahdlatul ulama,dan taman siswa.
tolong bantuin jawab ya...:)
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Kasodo CeremonyKasodo ceremony is a traditional religious ceremony of the Tengger community on Mt. Bromo. It is very interesting and attractive ceremony. It is held on the sand sea, at the foot of Mt. Bromo precisely at the full moon at midnight. This ceremony will mainly be highlighted by the throwing of the sacrifice into the crater of Mt. Bromo as an offering to Raden Kusuma, the youngest son of Sara Anteng and Jaka Seger, who are believed to be the ancestors the Tenggerese. This ceremony is normally held in the Kasodo month according to the tenggerese calendar. It starts at midnight and goes on until down. It is also wonderful and attractive that many home and foreign tourist are attracted to witness such as unique and magnificent ceremony.Thousands of visitors come to see this exquisite, typically interesting ceremony and to have good views of landscapes of mount Bromo and its surroundings.To get to mount Bromo we can go through Pasuruan, Pasrepan and Tosari. From Tosari, you go up to mount Pananjakan, through the sand sea and up the Probolinggo to Ngadisari and Cemara Lawang. Two kilometers from this place you can go on horseback to cross the sea. Going to mount Bromo through Pasuruan, Pasrepan and Tosari present more beautiful natural landscapes than those through other way. However, the road is a bit step.The people from Tosari, Ngadisari, Cemoro Lawang and from other places gather in the sand sea to celebrate Kasodo, and climb up the steps to the top of the Mt. Bromo from which the offering are thrown in to the crater. By the end of the ceremony the down is breaking and as the sun rises above the horizon you can witness the especially magnificent sunrise which is unique and the only one of its kind.Usually when the Kasodo ceremony is approaching, all hotels are fully booked in advance. apa topik dari paragraf, main idea, dan supporting details nya?​

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